My name is Rocky Westfall and I am a licensed Realtor in the state of Virginia. I have a 25 year plus history of both real estate sales and consulting as well being a mortgage loan officer for a large portion of that time. My lending expertise along with all of the my personal real estate activity, including primary homes, vacation homes, raw land development and rental property give me a broad background for helping clients with their real estate decisions.

I have a simple, but powerful approach with my clients. I offer help as soon as I can and I offer solutions and advice ONLY after listening and gathering information. I believe in clear communication, complete transparency, and defined action. Many people view the job of realtor as a person who sales real estate; houses, land etc. My belief is that while the actual physical real estate is important the most critical skill set to being an effective realtor is the ability to communicate effectively with each potential client you come in touch with and then be able to provide clear guidance to help them make the decisions that will be the best for them.

I am patient, understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable, detailed, direct and have a sense of humor! What is important to me is not how many people I help but how well I help each person. Looking forward to helping you!
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